Workplace Medical

Pre employment, workplace medical assessment services at Healthcare Medical Practice, Doctors in Hunter region


RTA and Insurance Checks

Pre-Employment and Insurance Medical include assessment, diagnosis and management of injury or illness that may affect your employment or insurance. Please make sure you advise in advance any specific requirements and we will advise you if there is some special requirement that may not be available in our clinics.

  • Spirometry (lung function check)

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Alcohol Breath Testing

  • AInstant assessment offers a fast response time, giving the prospective employer results to determine if the employee is fit for duty.
  • ECG

  • Musculoskeletal assessments

  • Complete medical examination
  • Please identify at the time of appointment that you require a ‘Pre-Employment Medical’ or ‘Insurance Medical’ appointment.

    Costs will vary with the requirements of the medical.

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  • Note that there is no Medicare rebate for Pre-Employment /RTA or Insurance Medicals.

    Costs will vary with the requirements of the medical.

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