travel medicine

Journey in Respect of Health

Travel Medicine

Travel medicine is more than just having a few vaccinations. It is important that you are protected against any possible illness in a prone area where you could be travelling. We have access to the latest epidemics in any part of the world where you could be potentially travelling. We will carefully consider your medical history, lifestyle, present state of health, likely itinerary and type of accommodation and provide education to have a safe journey in respect of health.

This includes:

  • A comprehensive assessment of vaccination and medication needs based on your medical history and travel itinerary

  • Advice on malaria prevention, based on your medical history and travel itinerary.

  • Advice on mosquito avoidance measures

  • Advice on preventing food-borne illness

  • Advice on travel first-aid kits (including prescription and non-prescription medications)

  • Advice on management of existing medical conditions whilst overseas

  • Discussing the importance of travel insurance

  • A full range of travel vaccinations on site

  • Assessment and management of illnesses upon your return
  • Please identify at the time of appointment that you require a ‘Travel Advice’ appointment

    Please remember to bring any past vaccination/immunization records and a detailed trip itinerary to your appointment.

  • Please make your appointment at least 6 – 8 weeks before departure.

    You may be able to claim a rebate for travel vaccinations from some Private Health Insurance providers.