Children’s Health and Immunisations

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Children’s Health and Immunisations

We know the importance and care for our future generation to build a stronger healthy Australia. Prevention is more important than treatment. We believe in immunising the future Australian generation. Come and get immunised to prevent any chance of disease.

Baby and Childhood Checks (as per the NSW Personal Health Record (“Blue Book”)

  • 1 – 4 week check
  • 6 – 8 week check (and immunisation)
  • 6 month check (and immunisation)
  • 12 month check (and immunisation)
  • 18 month check (and immunisation)
  • 2 year check
  • 3 year check
  • 4 year check (including Healthy Kids Check and immunisation)
  • We have a health checkup available for all children at or around the time of their 4-year-old immunization. This test helps to ensure that children are healthy and are ready to learn when they start school.

Healthy Kids Check

The aim of the Healthy Kids Check is to promote early detection of lifestyle risk factors, delayed development and illness. It also provides the opportunity to discuss with your doctor or practice nurse guidance on healthy lifestyles and early intervention strategies for your child.

During this checkup your child’s height and weight will be assessed, an assessment of their eyesight, hearing and oral health and a detailed discussion about their toilet habits and known or suspected allergies will be made.

  • Management of acute childhood illnesses (e.g. coughs and colds, rashes, gastroenteritis)

  • Management of chronic childhood illnesses (e.g. asthma, diabetes, coeliac disease, reflux)

  • Developmental assessments (including diagnosis and management of behavioural and chronic conditions)
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