Trans Awareness

Transgender refers to the group of individuals whom do not identify to the gender they were assigned to at birth. Itโ€™s a common misconception that gender is what aligns with our genitals, when gender is how a person identifies themselves and has nothing to do with their bodies at all. Taking this week to celebrate trans individuals and using this opportunity for allies to educate those outside the queer community on what they can do to support those who are gender diverse.ย 


How can we help?

GPs can offer a pivotal element in a trans individual’s healthcare. The stigma surrounding being transgender is often a reason why most hesitate to seek healthcare. At Healthcare Evolutions we are welcoming to anyone identifying as gender diverse. Our Doctors can offer a whole-person approach to healthcare and offer the time in appointments to form a relationship with clients to feel safe and build trust for patients to feel comfortable and supported about their gender identity queries. We can offer referrals to psychologists who specialise in gender diverse patients who can further support the individual throughout their journey.ย ย 


What can you do?

As an ally it is important to take this week as an opportunity to brush up on our own knowledge and educate others. Even on the basics like not assuming an individual’s gender on the way they present themselves. A great first step when being introduced to someone is asking for their pronouns. Someone can use she/her, he/him or they/them pronouns. Being respectful of their choices and apologizing if you use the wrong pronouns while being sure to correct yourself if this is to occur.ย 


It is also important to be conscious if present to any disrespect or harassment of a trans individual. Whether it be an insult or disrespectful joke it is important to speak up and explain to the person why their actions or language isnโ€™t appropriate. Some are willing to listen and learn, otherwise be sure to check the person who was receiving the harassment is okay and they feel safe enough to get to their desired destination.ย 


Every year Trans Awareness week ends with Trans Day of Remembrance which pays tribute to those who fought for trans rights throughout history, but also those who have died from dsicrimination and violence. It is important we acknowledge that these acts of hate are not something of the past, they are still present today and conveys a reason why Trans Awareness Week is so important.ย 


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