Period Products

For those of us with a uterus, having our period can be difficult to manage. What can be useful is finding the best period products to help make managing your monthly visitor that little bit easer.
In the last few years there has been a boom in options for period products. Sometimes even picking a packet of pads can be overwhelming with options. A lot of us aren’t aware of the options we have available. Here is a guide for period options to help make you decision a little bit easier.
Menstrual cups:
  • reusable
  • up to 12 hour use
  • range of sizes
  • $40-$60



  • non-reusable
  • up to 6 hour use
  • range of sizes
  • inexpensive


Period Underwear

  • reusable
  • up to 12 hour use
  • great for everyone
  • range of sizes
  • $15-$25
  • Disposable
  • up to 4 hour use
  • great for youth
  • $5-10


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