“He was only 19” Why Influenza is a risk for everyone.

When a lot of us hear the flu we think just a cold, maybe a sniffly nose and a few sore muscles. Though, the harsh reality is that Influenza can be deadly. We tend to assume that this is just the case for the vulnerable; the elderly, the sick and compromised. Though, that isn’t true.

Nathan Brown was an artist here in Newcastle, and he was 19 when he died of Influenza A.

Before he was sick, Nathan was a perfectly healthy young boy. He was an artist with spectacular talent. He adored his family and loved to travel. Nathan’s family would describe him as “a caring boy who always cared for the ones he loved”.

What started as any common cold would; runny nose, sneezing and a few coughs here and there quickly progressed. He would sleep all day, have fevers through the night and his cough quickly got worse. In a matter of two weeks he went from a healthy young man to being hospitalised with Influenza A and pneumonia.

Pictured: Nathan Brown

His lungs were filling up with fluid faster than doctors could treat, there was no other option than to put him in into a coma. There he would stay for three weeks, his family by his side each day and night. Eventually, his organs began to shut down and the chances of survival were drastically falling. Nathan then passed away September 27 surrounded by family.

“I want everyone to know that the flu is serious, get your vaccine and protect yourself. Just because you’re young and you’re healthy doesn’t mean you’re immune” Nathan’s partner, Haylee, says.

We advise everyone to take caution this flu season. Continue the habits we’ve learnt during the pandemic; sanitise, distance yourself and stay home if you’re feeling unwell.

Here at Healthcare Evolutions we wish great health for all of our patients, that is why this winter we are urging all to book in and have their flu vaccine. It has been estimated that this year, flu season will be horrific and the flu vaccine gives you the best chance at staying safe and Influenza free.

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