Chronic Pain and Medicinal Cannabis

At Healthcare Evolutions we are passionate about providing an open mind when it comes to health and patient care. In recent years, medicinal cannabis has become easier to access within Australia. Utilising this kind of treatment can be hugely beneficial for those who suffer with chronic health conditions. One of which is endometriosis, a painful condition that Haylee Penfold has lived with for over seven years. Haylee shares with us the process of accessing treatment and how it has benefited her symptoms and overall health. 

Endometriosis is where tissue similar to what lines the uterus, grows in other parts of the body. This condition varies in stages, Haylee lives with a very severe case. This causes chronic abdominal pain, back pain and painful toilet trips. There is no cure for this disease. Treatment options include surgical removal of endometriosis, physio and medications to manage pain. 

Example of Endometriosis (source: Teach Me Obgyn, 2022)

“Before I tried medicinal cannabis, I would use strong painkillers, like endone, at least twice a week to keep my pain under control.” says Haylee. 

Haylee had heard of the use of medicinal cannabis for chronic pain online and came across a page that directly spoke on the topic of using it for endometriosis. The source stated that the use of CBD can be used as an anti-inflammatory to assist with pain involved with endometriosis. As well, THC can assist with the nausea and reduced appetite that often follows pain as severe as often experienced with this condition. 

“I had nothing to lose, so I looked into how to try it for myself” 

After reading a few articles, Haylee learnt that it was a fairly easy process. She made an appointment with her regular GP and brought up the idea of trying the alternative pain treatment. She made notes on her phone of how it had helped others, and her doctor was on board. Her GP had sent a referral to a cannabis clinic she’d been recommended and within a few days she received a call to book a consultation. 

The consultation was an easy process, Haylee discussed her symptoms and what treatment options she’s tried. The doctor asked about her medical history and discussed treatment options that are available for her. By the end of the call, they agreed that in the instance her case was approved, it would be best to start with a daily use of CBD oil, and a low dose flower to use when her pain flared. 

After her consultation, her file was sent for approval and within ten days she received an email that her case had been approved and a script was sent to a chemist where her products were shipped directly to her home. 

After just a week of utilising the products, Haylee noticed a difference in her symptoms. 

“My sleep improved, that was the first thing I noticed” she says. 

“When I’d use pain killers, there would be a whole list of side effects that made things worse for me in the long run, but this (medicinal cannabis) isn’t like that. If anything, there are more benefits than anything” Haylee continued.

Since starting her treatment, Haylee has not felt the need to use pain killers at all. 

She shared that her pain has been the most under control it has been since being diagnosed. Not only that, but her sleep and appetite have also improved. 

“The process of requesting this kind of treatment and actually receiving the products was a lot easier than I thought. I recommend anyone who lives with this level of consistent pain to at least discuss it with their doctor.” 

Healthcare Evolutions always strives to provide holistic and inclusive approaches to healthcare. If you suffer from chronic pain, and would like to discuss your options and if medicinal cannabis is right for you, make a booking online with one of our GPs today. 

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