Welcome to Our Medical Centres

Healthcare Evolutions Medical Group is a group of medical centres in the Hunter Valley, operating at Wallsend and Maryland Suburbs and the Rural Clarence Town. Our dedicated teams of doctors, nurses, allied health and visiting specialists have earned a great reputation among local communities, and are well placed to care for you and your family at all stages of life.

Our Mission and Values

We believe in evolving yours’ and your family’s healthcare and are committed to promoting health, wellbeing and disease prevention. We have a patient-focused approach with a strong emphasis towards patient’s privacy, integrity and our sincerity and respect towards you. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of patient’s care whilst incorporating a holistic approach towards diagnosis and management of illness. We believe in involving you in the decision making process where indicated to endeavour so that we provide you with all the information that is necessary to make a fully informed decision.

Personalised Care
at Our Medical Centres

As a patient of Healthcare Evolutions Medical Group, you can expect personalised medical services that are always tailored to your individual needs by our doctors and nurses. Whether you need help with smoking cessation, treatment for migraines or a routine health check, here you can find the solution for all these and much more.